How To Get Profit From Facebook Marketing

Facebook’s popularity has had a positive impact on business development in Indonesia. Many business people use Facebook as a marketing tool. However, using social media does not guarantee your success in making significant profits.

You need to learn the following tips to make your marketing strategy more efficient :

Learn From Your Competitors

The problem that arises when you start social media marketing is the lack of research on your rivals. Many people fail to sell their products on Facebook business because they do not understand their customer perspective. Look at at least 5 of your competitors, and make them as a reference for your business. And you will learn about :

–    What content gets the most likes.

–    How often do they post new content?

–    What is the most interesting photo or video?

–    The most preferred time for displaying content.

Use the Fan Page

This social media created by Mark Zuckerberg has provided various features that can be used to sell. Fan Page is prepared for various purposes, especially for business.

Share Interesting Content

You must be skilled at presenting interesting and good quality content on the Fan Page that you have. You should share some relevant content with your product, and provide benefits to your followers.

Aim at a Specific Audience

Making marketing strategies for one category or group is more effective. This is useful when you create content on a Facebook Fan Page. For example, if you determine your consumers based on age, let say in the range of 18 to 30 years. You must adjust the content to trends that occur among young people.

Integrate Website with Facebook

Well, if you intend to do Facebook marketing, you must be professional. So, separate personal accounts that are personalized with your business account. It is strongly recommended to have your website.

If you don’t have it, you should make it immediately. Why?

Doing online marketing without a website can be called a futile job. Website is an indicator that shows the professionalism of the business field. The website is like your office, and Facebook is the kiosk. So, the website will build the confidence level of your prospective customers.