PDAM Badung Bulk SMS CRM Program
Here are some of the results of the services we provide:

Brand Trust
Exact payment
time increases

The Challenge

The Badung Regional Water Supply Company (PDAM) is the most important sector in supporting the daily life of the Badung community, Bali.

To make it easier for PDAM Badung to reach its customers, in this case, inviting customers to pay on time, Badung PDAMs need the right system, saving time, and low cost.

To that end, PDAM Badung is collaborating with us, Sun Media to handle the CRM (Customer Relations Program) program through sending an SMS API to its customers.

PDAM web

The Solution

Through this system, we educate about the importance of maintaining customer confidence in providing an effective and efficient information system.

We have proven this idea through a system of disseminating information to customers using Bulk SMS or Broadcast SMS.

This system can adapt to business needs, such as SMS notifications, SMS banking, SMS marketing, reminders, and so on.

The Activity

This partnership developed into a business relationship to meet the digital needs of PDAM Badung. Among others:

– Bulk SMS API (system to system)

– Bulk SMS Manual

Until now, we have helped PDAM Badung fulfill their mission of continuing to provide the best service through digital information systems. Our team always monitors the use of the system for better service.

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