RM Seafood Apong
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The Challenge

RM Seafood Apong, one of the leading restaurants in Makassar, Sulawesi, is now present in Bali. The culinary business, especially seafood, is a promising business field in Bali. The proliferation of seafood restaurant business on the island of the gods becomes a challenge for RM Seafood Apong to develop its business.

Moreover, the business climate in Bali is very good, supported by a wide market share of local communities and international tourists. Carrying the concept of a typical Bugis seafood, RM Seafood Apong offers a different taste from other seafood restaurants.

Then how do we, Sun Media, deliver the sale value owned by RM Seafood Apong to the target market? And how do we help RM Seafood Apong deal with competitors?


The Solution

The first thing we did was to increase the visibility of RM Seafood Apong through a digital platform.

In this way, RM Seafood Apong’s brand awareness has increased, which has an impact on increasing RM Seafood Apong’s reputation in capturing target markets.

We build a customer journey to convey every value that is owned by RM Seafood Apong.

The Activity

Start with social media as a media to deliver every value that is owned by RM Seafood Apong.

From creating an interesting content to the delivery of promos to increase brand awareness and audience engagement towards their restaurant.

Not only using social media, we also use several food bloggers that are in line with RM Seafood Apong’s target market.

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