Instagram is a social media platform that is growing rapidly with very good user growth. Help Instagram users get to know your brand, and find your potential clients

How do our Instagram social media marketing advertising services work?

Targeted Ads

You can target Instagram users very specifically starting from location, demographics, interests, behavior, etc.


You can use users who spend an average of 50 minutes of time per day on Instagram to bring them to buy your product

Increase Brand Awareness

Strong & interesting visual content can move the emotional side of people so that they can add a strong awareness to the target audience.

Call-to-Action Button Feature

You can use the Call-to-Action button to make it easier for people to contact you directly via the website, WA, telephone, etc.

FACT: Instagram found that 60% of Instagram users said that they learned a product or service through Instagram, and 75% of went on to conversions such as visiting websites, searching, or telling friends about posts they found interesting

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Are You Interested In Running Instagram Ads Now?

What do you need to prepare to advertise on Instagram?

Create a Business Page and Profile

You must have a Facebook Page to run ads and create a business profile on Instagram.

Preparing your Ads

Determine the object, target audience and format of your ad with Ads Manager

Determine Your Budget

Decide how long your ad will run and what budget you will prepare for it


After that your ad is ready to publish, all you have to do is wait for the notification and be ready to run.
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