Havaianas Location based advertising(LBA)
the following programs are some of the results of the services we provide:


The Challenge

Look stylish is an obligation at this time. One of the best-selling and must-have fashion items is footwear.

The large selection of footwear brands makes competition between brands more stringent. Havaianas is a well-known fashion footwear product in Bali.

To win the market, Havaianas needs a marketing strategy that is right on target.

We, Sun Media, are becoming partners of Havaianas in carrying out effective promotional strategies. Through our digital marketing techniques, it is easy for Havaianas to determine potential target customers.


The Solution

Through Location-Based Advertising (LBA SMS), we help Havaianas send information to specific target consumers based on age, gender, average revenue per users (ARPU), and detailed mapped locations.

This service maximizes the Havaianas promotion schedule. Based on the time, according to the activities of the target consumer.

LBA SMS is suitable for retail businesses who want to get high traffic for the products offered

The Activity

We provide services that are in line with the Havaianas mission. In the end, all levels of society can accept this brand. No wonder Havaianas is the best footwear brand on the Island of the Gods.

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