Send your promotional advertisements in the form of SMS, MMS and Pop-Up Messages to more than 150 million Telkomsel users

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Location Based Advertising

LBA service sends messages directly to potential customers in selected locations, either through SMS or MMS

Bulk SMS

SMS service that allows clients to send SMS simultaneously or broadcast in large numbers to the database of clients with Telkomsel number

Targeted SMS

Reach the right potential market by sending messages based on customer criteria such as: demographics, behavior, interests, location, and type of gadget through SMS or MMS

Advantages of Using SMS Technology

Mobile Friendly

SMS is compatible with almost all mobile phones so you don't need to worry about choosing a market that suits your needs.


Measured demography and behavior make it easier for your company to market your brand to the right market.


You can monitor and measure the rate of your sending and SMS messages with the reports provided


Do you know? You convey the message to the right people and your customers feel very special.

High Conversion Ratio's

SMS has a very high conversion rate. Mobile users will respond more to text messages than other marketing channels

Save Fee's

Not only are SMS campaigns affordable for the budget, but you will also see a healthy return on investment from the SMS infrastructure

The Advantages of Using Our Products


Send your exclusive message to all Telkomsel users


Monitor the performance of the ads that you create


Reach the target customers that fit your business

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We do not serve companies or brands that enganged in multilevel marketing (MLM), cryptocurrency sales, pornography, adult products, gambling sites, and political campaigns.

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