Advantages of Digital Marketing

The Advantages of Digital Marketing during the Global Pandemic

Nowadays, the Covid-19 pandemic changed people’s behavior. The implementation of large-scale social or social distancing made people unable to leave the house freely. The suggestions for staying at home and working from home (WFH), made society spend more a lot of their time at home. This condition actually challenged the companies to begin and change the way they do business. If you are currently still using traditional methods of selling, now is the time to start learning and switch the online sales strategy into digital marketing. Or if you are still using two methods, online and offline (conventional), this is the right time to divert your entire marketing strategy and budget to digital marketing only.

Digital marketing may have been widely known among business people, this method is very effective and affordable. Digital marketing is one way of marketing products or services using electronic devices such as social media, e-mail, websites, and others. Through digital marketing, you can still promote business without having to meet directly with consumers. Below are some advantages of digital marketing that relevant and can support the business to survive during this global pandemic.

Reach More Consumers

Digital Marketing can expand its target consumers that have not been reached during offline sales previously. With specific strategies and targets, now you can reach new potential buyers from various circles and regions according to the chosen target. Many platforms can be used to make online sales, such as social media, marketplaces, websites, and Google shop. From all of the platforms, there are many features that can help you to set your ad campaigns easily.

Boost Sales Quickly

Through the right digital marketing strategy, several companies are able to increase their sales maximally. You can also add to the list of prospects or potential customers from campaigns that were conducted through digital media. We have experience in helping a lot of businesspeople in optimizing the use of digital marketing in marketing their products. One of our clients is Havaianas. We help our client to promote their big promo with digital marketing to gain more buyers and boost the profit maximally.

More Measurable

In traditional advertising through newspapers or magazines, producers find it difficult to measure the success of a campaign. This is the digital advantage, everything is measurable. Every strategy used can be directly measured and monitored for its effectiveness. Digital marketing analytics make estimates to determine your marketing targets really work. By measuring your digital marketing campaign in real-time, you can see which strategies work and which don’t.

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Determine the Ideal Buyer

With digital marketing, you can ensure that the right consumers see your content. SEO allows you to reach consumers who are searching the web for content and topics that are relevant to your business. While pay per click, display and social media advertising allow you to target those most likely to be interested in your product or service based on demographic information and general characteristics.

Reach Mobile Users (Smartphone)

Digital marketing takes you into the giant market area, where digital marketing activities through mobile devices generate up to 34% of all organic traffic. Data from Hootsuite, a social media analysis company from Canada, states that internet users in Indonesia have reached 171 million people, and 98% access it through their cellphones or mobile phones. It is highly a potential market, right?

Help Compete with Big Companies

Many brands and businesses now compete using their digital marketing campaigns. The entrepreneurs use a variety of channels including displays, video ads, social media users, and the search engine on Google. One of the benefits of digital marketing is that it also allows small scale entrepreneurs or businesses to have a chance to compete with large companies. The key is, we have the right campaign strategies and techniques even using various keywords in the Google search that maybe potentially will be the same with your competitors.

Above are the super advantages of digital marketing that you may possibly apply. If you want to start a campaign using digital marketing, you can contact us at the Sun Media team by clicking here. We have experience in helping many small, medium and large scale companies in increasing their brand and sales through various digital platforms.