Increase Your Restaurant Sales by This Proven Marketing Strategy

Culinary business, especially restaurants, is still a trend nowadays. But, many restaurant owners still have no web presence at all. Even though digital marketing can be a solution to grow their business. In the other case, if you already have a website, but without proper maintenance, it will be useless.

Let say, you have great photos, video, and event blog for your restaurant on the web, without the right marketing strategy, it can be a waste of energy.

But don’t worry, you can try these strategies to turn your content into money from customers.

  1. Optimize Your Website

The first thing to do is make your businesses appear on Google search results. You need to embed some keywords into your content. For example, you have a restaurant in Denpasar Bali, your customer may search the local term. Try to use “Denpasar Restaurant”, or “Restaurant near Denpasar” to target customers.

it might be complicated, but you can start by creating a blog and a review of your business. Creating a blog can help direct traffic to your website by using your keywords. The audience may love to look at your photo and review your recipe as much as they love tasting your food.

  1. Use Social Media

Using social media become a restaurant marketing idea and trend. If your restaurant is already on social media, you must learn from your competitors. There’s so much out there, you need to be different.

Don’t be afraid to get feedback from your audience. Ask what their favorite meals or drinks are, just reply to comment, and get engaged.

  1. Visual is Everything

Visual content such as photos and videos makes your business attractive. Most internet users spend their time watching photos and videos on social media. It may sound easy, but you have to ensure that your visual contents are professional-looking. You may hire a team to make good content.

Introduce the audience by telling your business story visually. Personal narratives resonate with customers.

  1. Cooperate With Influencers

Using influencer services for a restaurant can be a profitable marketing strategy. It is called cross-promotion. Invite local bloggers and food reviewers to dine with you. Show your newest dishes, and ask what they think about it. There are even paid channels to get people with big social media followings to talk about you.

If you pay influencers, make sure they have many followers. You can use them to gain followers by sharing recipes, most favorite dishes, or something new about your restaurant. Just be creative.

  1. Email Marketing

Last but not least, email marketing also plays a significant result in digital marketing for restaurants. You can get customers by incentivizing them with deals and special offers through email.

You can begin crafting an email marketing campaign to include:

Upcoming event: if you’re planning on doing a special menu let your most loyal customers know first.

Exclusive discount: offering a discount for your loyal customers, such as 10% off for special menus, buy two get one free, or free drinks.

Latest blog post: send email subscribers your latest blog posts that provide value to them. Promoting through email marketing is one of the best ways to increase customer loyalty.


You can do many ways to increase your restaurant sales through a digital marketing strategy. But if you want to use a method that is more time-saving, energy-saving, and cost-effective, you can use digital marketing agency services.